Blondie and Pigheart Productions, LLC is a tv, film and web production company, co-founded by filmmakers Bryan Lukasik and Amanda Christensen. Bryan and Amanda have been working creatively with each other since 2007. They write produce, direct and often star in B&P productions.

The team could not continue to create without the help of their extremely talented group of friends: Jeff Cosby, Ian McGlocklin, Allegra Hollenbeck, Anne-Michelle Seiler, Aprill Winney, Ben Montague, Heidi Koling, Derek Gaspar, Mary Gaspar, Megan Pitsios, Margaret Shoop, Gary Smith, Nicole Serrano, Alex Herrera, Stephanie Lopez and Jen Yu – thank you sincerely.

The duo recently co-created and executive produced a new comedy web series ROCK HOPPER NATION.

Check out all the shows in development under the SHOWS tab and come back – new things are happening everyday. Thanks for stopping by.