Rock Hopper Nation, EP. 2 “Lacy Dolls”

Meet Lacy Renee Childes.

ROCK HOPPER NATION is a “documentary” that takes place in a small, mountain town in Northern California. Our cast of four live, eat and breathe the competitive sport of Rock Hopping. You will experience where they live, train, work and how they plan to win it all.

Will Darrel Funk, the uber green, earthy, mountain man rely on his connection with nature and his father’s competitive past to take it all? Will Vicki Lawson, the brut, straight-faced, cat loving gym rat have what it takes? Will the macho, hairy-chested, smack talking, man’s man Mandrew Johnson sweep it all? Or does the pretty blonde babe, Lacy Renee Childes, whose ultimate goal is to just be famous, have what it takes to be the champion?

Executive Produced by Amanda Christensen & Bryan Lukasik. Co-Directed by Bryan Lukasik & Aprill Winney. Shot by Ian McGlocklin. Edited by Bryan Lukasik. Sound/Grip/PA Jeff Cosby. Original Music by Benjamin Montague. Starring Amanda Christensen (Lacy), Heidi Koling (Vicki), Bryan Lukasik (Darrell) & Benjamin Montague (Mandrew).

Created by Blondie and PIgheart Productions, LLC